For the first time since 2008, Team USA has won the Ryder Cup after defeating Team Europe 17-11 – the largest USA victory since 1981. Ricky Fowler caught a bunch of media attention yesterday for this picture, where he’s surrounded by his teammates and their girlfriends/wives:


And for taking this glorious money shot after the victory:


Even co-captain Tiger Woods, who didn’t participate on the course and maintained a low profile throughout the tournament got in on the celebration:


Welcome back, Tiger.

The best part of the entire tournament goes to the USA fans though. Outside of the cocaine, binge drinking and affairs – golf is usually considered the gentleman’s sport. In fact, the PGA and other tournaments have officials present to silence the crowd and even eject rowdy fans. This time around? Chaska, Minnesota brought the motherfucking raucous:

They are ready on the first tee!! Let's gooooooo! #GoUSA

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And the highlight of the entire tournament is when one American heckler got so deep under Henrik Stenson’s skin (Team Europe) that Stenson pulled the man out of the crowd and challenged him to land a putt. With $100 on the line and the world watching, Joe Six Pack – aka David Johnson – did this:

Nailed it!


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