Whew, I’m back. I just woke up from a 4 day Turkey coma – worth it. Speaking of birds that need a good stuffing, I submit to the SJW Hall of Shame: Artemis Faye.

Artemis Faye is a cos-player turned Social Justice Warrior. After going viral in the Summer of 2015 for her resemblance (and I use the term loosely) to Daenerys Targaryen from HBO’s Game of Thrones, Faye assembled a small – but loyal – army of betas on social media. Instead of dragons, she uses the power of white guilt. No Dothraki? No problem. Faye has an array of anime enthusiasts, proficient in everything from hand to hand Hot Pocket combat to assassins in ass kissing. They thirst for her attention and she seeks affirmation.

It’s pathetic.

And this vicious cycle of ineptitude takes these Millennial morons further down the rabbit hole of stupidity everyday.

Reliant on buzz terms such as “toxic masculinity” and “white allies” it seems that this particular SJW has become oblivious to another in the process – cultural appropriation.



Cultural appropriation is a bullshit idea, just like every other SJW cause. But either it’s all okay – or none of it is. Artemis Faye has some choice words for white people but has no problem using blonde wigs, contacts and filters to look like one. A majority of her photos look like Becky’s prom picture (top left) and few of them exhibit – much less celebrate – her status as a Person of Color, which makes the following comments even more hilarious:


Sarcasm perhaps?


Nobody is safe from Khaleesi’s wrath, not even her own followers:


At this point, the hypocrisy isn’t even amusing. These zombies don’t know what racism is. Their BLM overlords have rewritten the meaning so that generalizations about another race doesn’t qualify anymore. By their definition, racism is systemic and perpetrated solely by white people. And this isn’t a black mentality v.s. a white mentality. This is a Millennial mentality v.s. freethinkers. Millions of people (of every color) have taken the bait. It’s far better to blame somebody else for your shortcomings rather than take responsibility for them instead. The reason I’m pointing this out is because of what comes next:


This is becoming more of the norm than the exception. Why is it that the Social Justice Warriors, especially those of the female variety, feel the need to beg for money from strangers? It’s never “Oh, I have cancer” or “Invest in this brilliant idea that could change the world!”


It’s always some ambiguous bullshit related to “counseling” or “emergency relocation” which amounts to nothing more than a quick money grab from a bunch of desperate betas.


And this is the carrot that they dangle in front of those morons. The promise of nudes because you’re broke? I smell another money grab in Artemis’ near future. Beyond that, I’m sure this worthless bag of tits will explore a ‘career’ in cam modeling. There’s nothing more rewarding than flicking your bean for a few shekels.


Everyone thinks mental illness is cute? People in the real world do not find mental illness “cute and quirky.” You know who does? A bunch of mentally ill individuals trapped inside an echo chamber aka Social Justice Warriors.

You know, the same kind of people that think a blonde wig and costume jewelry can transform Earthworm Jim into Daenerys Targaryen:



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