Here’s the rant from Charles Walz after Trump’s victory:


Wow. You’d think that maybe, just maybe, this guy would have stopped at some point and said – nope! Bone cancer, raping children and dead infants weren’t enough for this guy apparently. America sucks because the Pizza Party didn’t win, so fuck the troops, American products and the country in general. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the mental illness we reference when talking about modern day liberalism.

This story gets better though. Charles Walz isn’t some unemployed basement dweller. He works for the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities in security services. That’s right, this lunatic is around special needs individuals and gets paid by the taxpayers for it.

On November 15th, the OPWDD released this statement on their Facebook page:


On December 1st, The Blumpkin reached out to OPWDD representatives and they confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing. Walz deleted his Facebook account two days after his rant and that was nearly a month ago. This case should be open and shut. For all of the faux hate crimes being committed by ‘Trump supporters’ the mainstream media has been noticeably silent when it comes to these types of incidents.

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