We’ve all seen them. Social Justice Warriors, the supposedly tolerant individuals of society, spewing their hatred and hypocrisy throughout every corner of the Internet. For every Trigglypuff and Carl the Cuck, there are 1,000 more like them that go unchecked. Undocumented, this type of behavior is written off by the mainstream media.

Not anymore. The Blumpkin proudly presents to you, the…


From now on, we are accepting submissions highlighting their asinine behavior. Feel free to submit them to us anonymously.

Why The Blumpkin?

  • We aren’t a social media platform. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can’t remove your content here.
  • The names of submitted individuals will be indexed on search engines.
  • Crybullies will be forever held accountable for their threats against other people.

What to submit:

  • Photos/Screenshots of the comments.
  • The individual’s name, social media account/s and photo.
  • Use your discretion. We’re not here to report on somebody calling you a name.

We won’t accept:

  • Doxing of any individuals posted. The embarrassment of a Google search is enough.
  • Videos of you physically attacking an SJW
  • Home addresses of individuals posted (including Google Street View or any other photos)
  • Phone numbers
  • Revenge porn
  • Or any other materials that were illegally obtained.



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