Donald Trump has selected classical crossover singer Jackie Evancho to sing the National Anthem at his inauguration ceremony and to the surprise of nobody, Hillary voters have lost their minds. Again. Evancho has performed for President Obama in the past, so it’s likely that there’s no political motivation behind her decision. Despite that and the fact that she’s only 16 years old, legions of middle-aged men and women flocked to her Facebook page to voice their displeasure.

There was the generic outrage:

And the creepy old guys that seemed to forget they were talking to a 16 year old:

(Joaquin Nicolas Munoz – Dalls, Texas)

(Jeff LeCates)

(Frankie Sabath – Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

“Works at Self” Gee, what a surprise! Keep it classy, Frankie. What does Bill Burr say about plastic surgery?

(Miguel Nuno Teixeira)

Lay off the taquitos.

(Keith Ryan – Raleigh, North Carolina)

(James Woods – Southeast Missouri State University)

A movement to boycott a teenager singing the National Anthem? I’m sure none of these idiots took offense to Colin Kaepernick boycotting the National Anthem itself.

Hypocrisy at its finest! Trump is a big bully that calls women pigs. David Joshua from Channelview, Texas is a grown man that calls teenage girls “disgusting and deplorable.”

What does Bruce Brown of Long Island, New York have to say about Jackie Evancho?

Alright, Grandpa. Calm your tits. By the way, I felt it was appropriate to share the names of all the people that liked his comment as well.

For the record, Jackie Evancho is pretty damn talented.

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