Being an “uneducated Trump supporter” doesn’t sound too bad when the alternative comes with a catch. Tracy Witte, a professor at Auburn University is just another example of the liberal intolerance infesting college campuses nationwide.

Witte teaches Abnormal Psychology at Auburn. Is it possible that she is the Jane Goodall of progressives?Perhaps she’s mimicking their ways in an attempt to better understand them and their mental illness. Only time will tell.


I appreciate sarcasm but notice her profile picture and the timing of her comment. Yep, it was a post-election meltdown. In an attempt to cover her tracks, Witte deleted her Facebook and Twitter accounts afterwards.


But not without leaving some bread crumbs behind. The reason I’m sharing this Tweet is because, once again, it illustrates the condescension of the extreme left.


That’s right, Professor Witte. Us consurvativs R DUM n dun’t no ne-thing bout nuthin. These idiots never learn. Keep sipping your Starbucks and turning your noses up at those that disagree with you because it’s working out beautifully.

Lastly, own your words instead of retreating back to your safe space.


Roll Tide.

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