Coleman Bonner went viral earlier this week for his comments about the wildfires in Tennessee that have already claimed 13 lives:


That isn’t funny or even a story. And color me surprised that a man with more chins than a Chinese phone book expresses himself through the use of brackets. Despite his neckbeard and generally unkempt appearance, Mr. Bonner is actually engaged… to a real woman.


For how much longer though remains to be seen. According to some sources, she’s already dumped the idiot and locked up her Facebook account. As for Coleman, he thought he could change his Facebook name and fly under the radar.



“Overthrow the Bourgeoise”

Sure thing, pal. From the looks of it, Coleman Bonner couldn’t overthrow a cup in a game of beer pong much less a capitalist system. The best part of this story is the ending. Despite his attempts to hide, the Facebook community found Bonner’s employer and shared his comments with them:


Unlike the case of Charles Walz, who has been “under investigation” for the past month at his government job, Bonner got to experience the power of capitalism firsthand:


Here’s some personal advice for Coleman Bonner. There isn’t a rock big enough for you to hide under. You’re going to have to go way off the grid to get away from these comments. I suggest joining a colony of elephant seals. You’ll blend in perfectly.



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