1406, 2017

Veteran Maladjustment

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I'm not psychotic. I'm not fucked in the head, no more than anyone who's had to live through some shitty times in life.   I'm not depressed, at least not in a suicidal sense. I [...]

206, 2017

The Shadow of My Dreams

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I live in the shadow of my dreams Mind movies that ruin my truth They come when I wake No longer when I sleep I am anything inside them I am nothing outside A shell [...]

2405, 2017

Memorial Day, Military Party of the Year

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Memorial Day is always painful for those of us that have lost friends, colleagues, even people we didn't really get along with, while we were in service to our country. Men and women from all [...]

1705, 2017

Finding Family- A Short Story

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Growing up, he never had many friends. His peers were destined to become drug addicts, and he never fit in with that crowd. He was always fighting with his siblings. He was the youngest, and [...]

1705, 2017

29 Things To Do In 29 Palms!

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Apparently, making lists online is all the fucking rage these days. We've compiled a fun list of things to do in 29 Palms, and we refuse to spell out the entire number because fuck that. [...]