Memorial Day is always painful for those of us that have lost friends, colleagues, even people we didn’t really get along with, while we were in service to our country. Men and women from all branches gave their lives, and they don’t get to party here with us, anymore.

Memorial Day is usually the kickoff of Summer. People always love to preach, “don’t forget what the day is about,” but their hearts and minds are in the wrong place.

Memorial Day is a day on which every American, whether they’ve lost friends or not, should fucking party.

People die. It’s a tragedy. We miss them, and we cry about it. But would they want us to become paralyzed with the pain of our loss, or would they want us to go out and have a pimpin’ good time?

Should we forget their sacrifices? No.

Should we honor those sacrifices by taking what is usually a sad memory and making it a fond, exciting, garrulous Memorial? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Grill your burgers. Smoke your ribs. Puff your cheeba. Drink your poison. Get lit, get hammered, get wild. Get fucking wet from the exertion of living that bit of extra life for someone who’s no longer here to do so for themselves. Make Memorial Day count for something in the eyes of the deceased. Honor their memories with food, drink, fucking, fighting, fishing, smoking, even fisting, if you’re into that. Make this day larger than life, Because it sure as shit shouldn’t be a day of quiet remorse.

The men and women that have died have proven they aren’t selfish– they served, fought, died, all so you and your loved ones could be safe and happy at home.

So, raise a glass, raise a flag, raise a fucking barbecue sauce covered rib, and salute those that have fallen in the most American way possible:

Get. Fucking. Hammered.

Get in contact with your friends from deployment, guys you met when you were about to get out, people you met while at the strip club right outside the main gate, link up, and make Memorial Day a day to remember. Pun intended.

If you’re deployed… You know what to do. Just don’t get caught.