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Trump Supporters Outsmarting The Competition At Every Turn… And On Every Lawn

The 2016 Presidential Election in a nutshell: black Americans decide they've had enough of the Democratic oppression and white progressives attack them for it. If there was a lingering doubt as to which side was truly thinking for themselves, I think this clever trap put that argument to rest.

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The 16th Anniversary of the Attack on the USS Cole – Never Forget

On the morning of October 12, 2000, the USS Cole was docked in Yemen's Aden harbor. Just before noon that day as the ship was refueling in the port, a small boat carrying two suicide bombers pulled along the Cole's port side and detonated hundreds of

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Freedom Free Post (16 Photos)

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Need A Tuesday Pick Me Up? Give It Up For The Gipper!

Is there a better combination than Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Address played over the Rudy Theme Song? Probably not. Enjoy!    

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American Fan Sinks Putt At Ryder Cup; Team America (Fuck Yeah) Wins

For the first time since 2008, Team USA has won the Ryder Cup after defeating Team Europe 17-11 - the largest USA victory since 1981. Ricky Fowler caught a bunch of media attention yesterday for this picture, where he's surrounded by

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