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Berned! Bernie Supporter Loses Bet, Gets Trump Stamp Tattoo [Video]

Today's Darwin Award goes to, surprise surprise, a Bernie Sanders supporter! Zach Cobert and his friend made a bet on the 2016 Presidential Election - if Donald Trump won, Cobert agreed to get a Trump Stamp on his lower back.

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Gary Johnson: The Troll Candidate

What is Aleppo?

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Freenauts Ethers The Clintons In “Justice For Danney Williams”

I consider myself a bit of a hip hop aficionado (cultural appropriation!) so when I heard there was a new rap song about Bill Clinton's black son Danney Williams, I rolled my eyes expecting it to be some tone deaf

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Buffalo Bills Fans Back At It… Again

That was the only D on the field for the Buffalo Bills after their blowout 41-25 loss to the New England Patriots. Never change, Buffalo. Buffalo Bills Fan Lets His Beer Slip Through The Crack (NSFW)

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Wu-Tang Fans Need To Vote For Donald Trump

Martin Shkreli, the world's most hated pharmaceutical CEO, has promised to release his private collection of music if Trump wins the Presidency. That includes Wu-Tang's 2014 Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, which Shkreli purchased in an auction back in 2015. He paid $2 million for the album, which is the only one in existence.

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