1305, 2017

Random Afternoon Debauchery – Saturday Splatterday [NSFW]

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Where the men and women of the US Military turn ISIS into a splash zone.   And now, some boobs... And [...]

1105, 2017

Watch: GoPro Video of US Navy Seals Skydiving Into Football Stadium

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The US Navy Seals parachute team is also known as the Leap Frogs. Check them out on Facebook:¬†https://www.facebook.com/leapfrogs/  

1005, 2017

Infidel Salmon

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This is a great recipe from our friend over at GrillYourAssOff.com Go check out his site, maybe buy a few seasonings. We at JTTOTS have got a couple of each, and they're fucking delicious. Enjoy. [...]

505, 2017

RAD – Cinco De Mayo [NSFW 16 Photos + Videos]

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Random Afternoon Debauchery:¬†05/05/2017         Happy Cinco de Mayo! Get shitfaced and Uber home, folks. [...]

505, 2017

It’s official, Blowjob Robots are real.

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"Plunging your fingers through the thick, luxurious, soft hair is all the build up required for an intense, intimate experience." I think there's a little more to a good blowjob than that. But that's some [...]