My Instagram account was deleted yesterday. It came as no surprise because I will admit that I pushed boundaries at times, and was in no way politically correct. I am shocked that I avoided being hassled by Shariagram, aside from the occasional removing of my posts, for this long. My account, like many others, was critical of Islam, liberals, SJWs, Casey Gray/Grey, Barack Obama, and your average social media dumbass. I may have even shit talked my mother a time or two; my account was by no means a safe space. Regardless, Instagram has the right to remove or leave whatever accounts they see fit, but it does show how intolerant the “tolerant left” has become.

I started my Instagram in early January. It was something I decided to do for fun, and also because I could talk shit about liberals, Muslims, feminists, and SJWs and hopefully piss some of them off. I fulfilled both of those goals. At least once a week, some queer-looking male feminist would call me a bigot, tell me I was uneducated, or inform me they reported my Instagram to Isis, a big thanks to @matthewjosephperry for that one. But I took all of this as a good sign. If I was getting a bunch of social justice warrior panties in a bind, than I was doing something right.

Despite my slightly islamaphobic tendencies, annoyance with pussy males putting makeup on their face, my hatred for feminists, and my habit of posting Antifa members’ names and phone numbers, I did not bully nor did I make threats. So I think the question that should be asked is why? What danger did I with my measly 611 followers pose?  The answer is my opinion was different than that of the leftist cucks at Instagram. By deleting my account, they believe they can erase my beliefs and ultimately, change my mind. In their mind, punishing me will make me see the light.

But that has not happened, nor will it ever happen.  I have not changed any of my beliefs or views  because I was punished by Instagram. I’m still going to assume the haji chick sitting across from me on MARTA is hiding an IED under her hood, I’m still going to believe there are only two genders, I will continue to laugh when I see trannies, I am always going to be inclined to assume feminists are just bitter because they have not been laid enough, I will still wholeheartedly believe that Islam is the greatest threat we face, and I will continue to voice these said opinions. And that is the issue that Instagram has with people like myself; they know they cannot change me and I will not submit to their beliefs.