Smugglypuff and Meera Ulysses both made their first court appearance last week for their roles in an October incident at the University of Toronto. During a protest of UoT professor Jordan Peterson, Ulysses assaulted Rebel Media personality Lauren Southern. The attack was caught on video along with Smugglypuff’s – real name Valerie ‘Theo’ Williamson – smug denial to police.

Smugglypuff was arrested just days later.

Greg Renouf of was in attendance for their court appearance:

Exclusive: Alleged Jordan Peterson Protest Assailants In Court, Justice System Screws The Pooch (Feat. Smugglypuff)

“The two defendants were scheduled to appear at 11am this morning. Both came into the court at the same time. Williamson walked in and sat with her father (who must really love UofT right now), but when the judge realized Smuggly was carrying a cup of coffee she booted Smuggly out of the courtroom.

Ulysses was first up to the bench. One of the main purposes of a first appearance is for the defense to ask the Crown (prosecutor) for disclosure (“discovery” in the US: copies of the evidence held against them). It’s normally a rubber stamp process, but today was quite unusual.

“Do you have a copy of the video and victim’s statement?”, the defense asked. To which the Crown responded saying something along the lines of “I didn’t know there was a video” (the acoustics are horrible in courtroom 111).

Theo Williamson appeared right after Ulysses, they was dressed in a gray men’s suit with a red power tie. Their lawyer had a quick interaction with the judge and it was all over in a flash. Ulysses’ next court date set for December 15th and Williamson’s is on the 8th. I’ll try to be there to report as their trials progress.”


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Of course Smuggly would stroll into the courtroom with no regard for the rules. You can take the hobbit out of The Shire but you can’t take The Shire out of the hobbit.


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