We’ll stop posting Donald Trump stories. Eventually. Maybe? Just as soon as he stops triggering millions of Social Justice Warriors with every move he makes. This time around, The Hollywood Reporter posted a doom and gloom article about Hollywood snowflakes fearing for their future now that Trump is the President-Elect.

Hollywood Studios, Agencies in a Daze After Trump Win: “Many of Us Will Be Scared and Threatened”

The comments probably would have been the typical circle jerk that these idiots needed to soothe themselves today but they got an unexpected surprise when Matt Drudge published a link to the story. So when Drudge’s followers flooded their Safe Space, what did THR do? They closed down the comments.


They didn’t disable comments over some death threats. Not even for racist, sexist or misogynistic comments. Nope. They closed them down because Trump supporters were simply taking a victory lap.



As of now, THR’s other front page stories – with significantly less comments – have comments enabled. Go figure.




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