The Trump Train Has Arrived In Washington DC; Sparks Violent Protests [VIDEO]

Attention: Washington DC The Trump Train has arrived. And the 45th President of the United States delivered a powerful message to set the tone for at least the next 4

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Will Hollywood Survive Donald Trump?

After an extended holiday break, The Blumpkin is back, and just in time for Donald Trump's inauguration. How's Hollywood taking the impending ceremony? As you'd expect, like a bunch of

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American Bikers United Against Jihad Trigger ‘Peaceful’ Muslims (4/5 Trigglypuffs)

American Bikers United Against Jihad have made headlines a couple of times this past year. Back in May they planned an event where hundreds of bikers would ride through Islamberg,

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Man In #BuildTheWall T-Shirt Harassed By Mexican Woman [VIDEO]

The condescending tone of Social Justice is on full display in this video. If you can't handle the 10 minutes of that woman's grating voice then scroll down for some

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Smugglypuff Gets Kicked Out Of Court Room

Smugglypuff and Meera Ulysses both made their first court appearance last week for their roles in an October incident at the University of Toronto. During a protest of UoT professor Jordan Peterson,

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