Sarah Silverman’s Nazi Gaffe

The Hollywood meltdown gets better everyday. Yesterday, Sarah Silverman was on her way to get some coffee -most likely in the form of an enema- when she came across these

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Joy Villa Trolls Grammys; Gets Attacked On Social Media

Joy Villa, an American singer and songwriter, trolled the Internet tonight when she revealed her dress at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Revealing her outfit on the red carpet

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Meet LaQueefa, The Queen Of Antifa

Lauren Southern and Rebel Media always manage to capture these classic meltdowns. This time around at a Toronto protest, one member of Antifa decided to strip down and give the

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#WhiteSupremacy: 200 Triggered Tweets After New England Patriots Win Super Bowl 51

Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves. Social Justice Warriors have been outrageously stupid for quite some time but their outrage over the Patriots win last night was the

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Antifa Faggots Pepper Spray Female Milo Supporter – UC Berkeley

What else is there to say? Remember guys - Trump is a misogynist. It's about that time, folks.

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